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MPURBAN-REAL ESTATE SOLUTIONS, LDA, represented by the Arq. VASCO POÇAS, was formed with the goal of sharing diverse knowledge and experiences, developing your activity in the area of services and consultancy in the development of the economic and urban community to which we all belong:

Developing its activity in the area of real estate consulting, buy and sale of urban and rustic real estate, with real estate license No. 12210 issued by IMPIC.

New construction works, reconstruction and repair, with the execution of projects of architecture and engineering and consulting, with Planning of Public Works Contractor No. 83566-PUB, issued by IMPIC.

MISSION - offer effective solutions of great value with responsibility, commitment and quality in the various services offered, with rationality, technology and design, seeking to maximize the results with a continuous development of the employees and of the methods.

VISION - have a team of staff of high performance, valued by the customers for its innovative and efficient solutions, with a human, technical and material capital which allows us to provide the market with a high competence, effectiveness, innovation, competitiveness and experience.

VALUES - guided by ethics, transparency and integrity of conduct, be it with customers, employees or the community, in the development of techniques and methods that satisfy the objectives of the various people involved.


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